Solymar Food is an Egyptian company established in 2020 and the area designated for the company to work in is food products from production, packaging and export.

The company plays a leading role in the Egyptian market by producing and packing it. The company specializes in the products of frozen vegetables and fruits as well as the field of concentrates and their multiple uses such as tomato center which is used in the production of tomato sauces and sauces of all kinds and concentrations and fruit concentrates which are used in the production of long-term natural juices and are also used in the production preserve.

The packages used in the company are not limited to one or two types, but we have developed our production lines to include all methods of packaging and packaging, shapes and sizes of packages dedicated to food products in order to be able to meet the requirements of global markets, so we were keen to use glass jars of all weights and also all sizes of bottles to fill juice Fruit with different liter capacity, as well as printed plastic bags and aluminum bags, and of course we provided the most popular tetrapac packages in the field of juice packing.

In order for our products to reach global markets in the Far East, Europe, America, African countries and most countries of the world, an integrated system must be available in all fields of management, marketing, production, sale and export under an integrated functional structure in accordance with international standards and foundations.

Among the countries in whose markets we are present in North Africa, Ethiopia, the United States, France, some Arab Gulf countries and Iraq, and we always strive to expand and increase the number of countries that we reach to be present in their markets …

We have set a principle for the company and we always strive to preserve it, which is that there is no success without cooperation and good manners …

The main goal of the existence of our company is food is the basis of life, and good food leads to better health …

And since quality is our slogan, we have sought to reach the best levels of quality with international standards, and we have obtained the English (ISO) quality certificates internationally accredited in the field of food products ,,,

The company holds the ISO 9001 certificate for the proper management system and the elaborate documentary cycle.
We also obtained ISO 22000 certification for food safety,
Because of our customers’ confidence in our products, we have also obtained the ISO 10002 certificate for customer satisfaction,
We are also seeking to obtain several other certificates in the field of manufacturing and packaging food products …

And last but not least, we hope that we will always be good to you and that we can maintain the unique level in providing the best products and that we meet all the requirements of global markets in the field of food industry …

Chairman’s word

Solymar Food has made a great effort to build a reputation for excellence. We seek to earn this reputation through our way of conducting business that is governed by values, ethics, standards and commitment. It is the value that always governs all of our business.
Taiba Group has faced many challenges in the market in starting its work at a time when it was also seeking to develop strategic partnership in both Europe and the rest of the world.

The human element plays a vital role in the growth of Solymar Food to become one of the best companies working in the fields of manufacturing and packaging food products, as we are well aware that the senior management in the company has to play an important role in our arrival to success and the provision of high-quality services.

The management team includes experiences in all areas in which we operate. We are committed to providing quality products based on our capabilities and capabilities.
We are always looking to open new markets around the world depending on the quality of our products, good handling and the best use of time so that we are always at the best expectations of our customers.

I am honored, as I bear the responsibility of the Board of Directors of Solymar Food, to assure you that the company has started a new phase in the path of success, this phase which is characterized by expanding the production base of the company, with a marketing manufacturing partnership with the most prominent companies in the Middle East and other regions of the world, and also expanding the base Marketing access to unconventional markets in Eastern Europe, Africa and America …

Mr. Mohamed Swelam

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Management Team

Mr. Mohamed Swelam


Solymar Food is an Egyptian company established in 2020 and the area designated for the company to work in is food products from production, packaging and export.

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