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Solymar Food has made a great effort to build a reputation for excellence. We seek to earn this reputation through our way of conducting business that is governed by values, ethics, standards and commitment. It is the value that always governs all of our business.
Taiba Group has faced many challenges in the market in starting its work at a time when it was also seeking to develop strategic partnership in both Europe and the rest of the world.

Mr. Mohamed Swelam


Production of products

We produce all our products from natural fruits and vegetables without adding any artificial or genetically modified materials because your health concerns us in addition to paying attention to the cleanliness and sterilization of the raw materials used in the production process.

Product packaging

It is one of the most important steps where the best packing materials are chosen and attention is also paid to the storage places so that they are away from sunlight, well ventilated and have an appropriate humidity rate so that the products are not damaged.

Trade and export

We, Solymar Food Company, are very interested in spreading in most countries of the world (Europe / America / Africa / and the Arabian Gulf) as we deal with the largest land and sea freight companies to ensure that our products arrive in the best condition for them.

Our Process

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Storage of the finished product in preparation for sale or shipment

Filling the product in the packages prepared for that

Starting the manufacturing process in sterile production lines

Washing, cleaning and removing spoiled fruits and impurities

Selection of the best usable fruits

We are specialized in

Solymar Food is an Egyptian company established in 2020 and the area designated for the company to work in is food products from production, packaging and export.

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Head Office : 6 Mostafa Abo Haif St, Stanly, Alexandria, Egypt Factory : Ezbet Jalal,Saif al Din,Zarqa center,Damietta Phone & Fax:(+203) 52 29 731 Mobile:(+2010) 053 23 148 | (+2010) 992 24 422
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